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Are Christians crazy for Believing Bible?

Are Christians Crazy?
Is there other gods that can predict the future? But God of the Bible? (Is 41:21)
If Bible God is really real, all the prophecies must come true. Lets look at some.
Prophecies About Israel
1. Enslavement from Egypt (Gen 15:13) – fulfilled
2. Egypt will never rule over nations again & will be a desert ( Jo 3:9) -fulfilled.
3. Deliverance with wealth from Egypt (Gen 15:14)– fulfilled
4. Possession of Canaan (Ob 1:20) – fulfilled
5. Jerusalem will be center of worship – fulfilled
6. Israel will be captive in Assyria (Hos 9:3) – fulfilled
7. Judah captive in Babylon(Jer 25:11-12)- fulfilled
8. Destruction of 1st Temple by Solomon. – fulfilled
9. Return from Babylon (Jer 32:36) – fulfilled
10. Destruction of 2nd Temple (Mtt 24:1-2)– fulfilled
11. Jews will reject Messiah & kill (Jesus) (Dan 9:26)- fulfilled
12. As a result Jews will be scattered among Gentiles(Deu 28:64)– fulfilled
13. Jerusalem destroyed, Jews will be persecuted & oppressed(Lk 19:41)– fulfilled
14. Israel Re-established & Gathering of Jews from all nations (Am 9:11, Eze 36:8) Fulfilled in 1945 & still Being fulfilled
15. Israel Deserts will become like garden of Eden (Is 51:3) – being fulfilled
16. Gathering of all nations against Jerusalem (Eze 38-39) – being Fulfilled.
17. Supernatural revelation of Messiah to Jews (Jesus Christ) – To be Fulfilled
18. Coming of Messiah in glory and power – To be fulfilled.

There are about 2500 detailed prophecies and about 86% are fulfilled and the other 14% are yet to be fulfilled because time is not done yet.

Also Before the return of Jesus Christ Bible predicts people’s Sins will be rampant like Sodom (sexual sins) love will grow cold & be selfish, children will be rebellious, parents will take children to court, Knowledge & technology will increase, people will be always busy traveling a lot and fast, Many wars and rumors of wars, Diseases will be rampant (like AIDS), A lot of earthquakes, tsunamis, natural disasters, mass animal deaths, Mass cult leaders claiming to be Jesus, Rise of Antichrist, Moon turn to blood, sky turn to black before coming of Jesus Christ. Sounds like we’re almost there…

Bible God is the True God for His words are True. Jesus is the Messiah Yeshua predicted in (Isaiah 52-53) There is no salvation without Following Jesus Christ