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How to Commit Suicide?

The Truth is, If you commit suicide only your body dies, But your spirit will be alive and it will descend into hell. (I've seen it and heard other's testimonies its all same)

Don't do it, hell is Worse, SO MUCH more HORRIFYING then where you are no matter how bad it is. demons chop your body and you feel all pain but your spirit body comes back and torture you again and again, they drown you in fire over and over again, worms body your body from inside. Most horrible thing is it smells worse than most horrible bathroom, all the filth demons pour in your belly etc... and this isn't a joke. You want to find out if its real or not??? it not a chance you should ever take.

depression and thoughts of suicide is from demons and devils. Its not YOUR thoughts. You think it is but they are evil spirits who just want to kill you so they can take your soul.

hell is a fairy tale? No, i know people who died of car accidents and overdosing on drugs that came back to life. they say the same thing, they don't die really but their spirit traveled down to hell or heaven.

My friend overdosed and immediately his spirit started to sink under the ground into darkness, this went on and there were other spirits grabbing him downwards into darkness and he knew he was going to hell. but he remembered that Jesus Called him to be a pastor and He said to God I still want to serve you. Immediately he saw a huge hand come down from up and grabbed him and pulled him up all the way back into his body. He jumped into his body completely sober from the drugs.

If you have no will to live, call on Jesus. You have problems because you don't seek God enough. Lack of prayers = lots of problems. But abundance of prayer life is full of confidence and joy and peace.

Try Jesus. and you will know. I've been there and done that.

Call out Jesus in your own room. He will come He will. Trust Him.

Telling you the truth, suicide won't end your life. surely you will not die but only to wake up in hell... But if you call Jesus to save you, He will. After He saves you Follow Him so you won't end up doing the same things that put u in those situations again.

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