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Proof of God's Existance

DNA is a program code of the Living. on.. just like 01011001.. of a computer program code.
If you put Random 0's and 1's and combine them together it can NEVER generate any program.

Even if any number in the program "01010011..." is switched, a program crashes and doesn't work.

Random alignment of A's C's G's T's can NEVER create DNA of any life.

If Computer program needs a person to make it,
DNA needs a programmer to code it as well.
Even the smallest organism such as a Virus has DNA that is 10,000 books long!
Evolution itself is "Adapt and Change" program needing a programmer to do so. No life gets created in accidents. It is Just IMPOSSIBLE!
Can A book be written by random abcds? being thrown in lines? Never.

This shows specific Processes of a baby being made.
Not made by accident but designed & programmed by God.

Whom I know is Jesus Christ the "Word" of God, who spoke(coded) all things into existence.