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We moved to Shanghai China on Feb 2015 upon God's calling. Currently we do prayer meetings online 2 times a day.
If you want to contact us, the best way will be through email or Zoom Cloud Communication.

Prayer Group
Prayer group is twice a day & Bible study Mon Wed Friday.
- Time 5:30am-9am (CST Chicago time) Bible Study at 7:30am-8am, 3pm-5pm Prayer meeting
1. Download Zoom Cloud App on Smartphone,or Computers download from
2. Sign in and make new account(get free account Don't need to pay)
3. Then in 'Contacts' add as friend
when I add you friend and you confirm I will add

- Then during the prayer hours click or simply the call will come if you added friend
**1. We strongly pray in tongues so treat this group as if you came to morning prayer at church and
focus on your prayers.
**2. If the sound bothers you turn down the sound to the lowest and do your prayers.
**3. If you do not have gift of praying in tongues, please ask for it with fasting
or else it will be hard to join because it will hardly benefit you
-Zoom Cloud Room Number: 7779097777

Need Prayer? Counseling? Deliverance from demons? healing?
Add me in Zoom Cloud