Demons & devils Cast them out (how to)

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Demons are mentioned in the Bible many times when Jesus Christ casts them out of people. Mostly mentioned in Mark, Luke and Matthew.  These beings are real and still exists today.

You cannot see electric waves or microwaves in the air, but they exist. Your spirit you cannot see, but they exist. You have mind that exists but cannot see. Only you can see Body or limited physical things. spirits are only seen or felt with spiritual senses which is developed through fasting and praying a lot. Jesus Christ saw them and casted them out because in the spirit realm He is light that came to reveal what is in the darkness that men are blind to.

Their goal is to destroy our life, make us Die early, Divide the churches and christians, Make us poor and steal our possessions so that we are powerless, weak, defeated in our lives. Church division is sign of people not following One Spirit of God but of other spirits that causes fights. For Bible says “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Eph 6:12)

So if you leave them around you, you will experience darkness and pains in your life. You can ignore them but demons don’t ignore you nor leave you alone.

**Things that show demons are around you**

-If you are afraid of demons or ‘ghosts’ or evil spirits , you’re already under their influence. If you watch scary movies, violent killings etc…, your spirit is defeated by demons already. If you got demonic dreams,(nightmares, tormenting, sexual, rape dreams) can’t sleep well at night, or always need a night light on when you sleep, you are very weak in spirit and any type of ‘fear’ comes from the enemy because God does not give a spirit of fear but a sound mind. This means your Light in your spirit is dim or turned off.

– If you are in constant depression, hatred, jealousies, any kind of sins, lusts, lack of love for God, and constantly lying habits, you are bound in darkness, Bible calls you slave of sin. Basically slave of the devil who is the inventor of sin. When you sin, demons are right there, have already influenced your thoughts to think certain way causing you to hate etc…

– If you are addicted to something like cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography or anything that you’re addicted to and can’t help yourself, demons are right there with you hanging on you, going through your body and your head, some dwell in your body.

– Remember the demon possessed man who was crazy. Everyone thought he was just out of his mind. But Jesus came and 2000+ demons got casted into the pigs.  that means in order for a person to lose his mind, ALOT of demons need to enter in. However, only few demons in you will not show much except the fruit of demons, the fruit of the flesh, such as “idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like”(Gal 5:20-21)

– Mary Magdalene from whom 7 demons were casted out(Mark 16:5) was known to be a sinner of adultery or some kind.

– Demons cause you to sin yes. by first influencing your mind to think certain evil way. You think it’s your thoughts and you but in reality it was thoughts given by satan.

– If you don’t follow God, you will be tricked by the demons to sin, and when demons have “legal right” to enter in your body because of sins, they will cause you to sin more and more and to not repent, not to pray and ultimately kill you so they can possess your soul in hell with them.

– Even if you repented, if you don’t pray hard, seek God and be filled with Holy Spirit nor cast them out of you, they will stay and keep on causing you to sin or get sick with whatever diseases, You need to really be born again and live a new life of God centered life.

– How to cast them out.

1. Repent all your sins, Forgive whoever you hate or don’t like. break any curses from occult practices such as Abortions, Masturbation, watching Porn, watching demonic movies, gossip, spiritual yoga, astrology, ouija board games, fortune telling, dark magic, sorceries,
Repent of hate, lust, not serving God and making Jesus above anything, Idolatry, stealing, cheating, coveting, greed, loving the worldly things such as entertainments and worldly music etc… Confess them before God and ask for forgiveness.

2. You should fast and pray and seek God, giving up all that you love about this world and its wicked entertainments like music, movies, TV and internet. (Isaiah 58) And fill yourself with God, things of God like Gospel music, listen to really anointed preachers preachings, Bible reading, Praying according to help of Holy Spirit. Being filled with Holy Spirit by asking God. Then you can command in Jesus name strongly rebuke “demons and devils get off me right now in Jesus name” several times until you feel peace or breakthrough.

2. Go to powerful deliverance ministers and get prayed over if you feel that they didn’t leave yet.

3. Keep Yourself unspotted from the worldly things so that the demons don’t come back to you 7 times harder!!!  Because demons will try to come back and make you worse. (Matthew 12:43-45)

4. Any other things consult with strong faith Christians.


*** I want you to know that these things are just known by Bible and by experiences therefore it can be subjective to you and its your responsibility to believe or not. I just tell what I know and what I think to be true.

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7 Responses to Demons & devils Cast them out (how to)

  1. Karen Tiner says:

    I watched your vid on bi-polar lady and there is a person I’ve had a burden for as he also has been “diagnosed” bi-polar along w/ all the medication that comes with this. He is seventeen years old and other “oppressed” people won’t let him around. Please pray for me as Mark ch.16 has been a constant desire for more than 30 years so I will decrease and be a clean vessel for the Holy Spirit. So many have seen in these years that need deliverance. Thank you, may we all bless the one true King, Lord Jesus.

    • genoark says:

      pray in tongues fervently in Holy Spirit, until you break in fire of God and make sure you’re clean before God, have anything repented and turned away from sins, even repenting of lack of dedication to God in any way. then God will give you the fire, and the authority to cast out those demons. GOd bless!

  2. Juan says:

    I have been watching your videos, and I agree with what God says. However, I need to learn to pray and developed a relationship with God.. It is the only way… I need advice because I feel Lukewarm at times for no particular reason. My mind is lethargic toward God and I don’t want to go down like that….. I’m looking for strong Christian fellowship online at first to make this possible.



  3. Donna says:

    I just wanted to thank you for posting all your videos on
    You tube. I have been watching many of them for several
    Months while ive been home unemployed. Im thankful &
    Grateful to have the free opportunity to be spiritually fed
    During this time. Thank you for doing this for free & putting
    them on you tube ! I can watch it all day & all night some days
    You teach for me in a todays language with words & terminology
    That is understandable. No theatrics, no yelling, no jumping up & down,
    Just giving the plain truth in a sincere descriptive way to make us
    See how urgent for repentance is and the knowledge of him so that we
    Are not ignorant. Thank you

  4. Trina says:

    Thank you bro for praying for me..; God lead me to you guys..!! Keep up the good work bro.. I hope and I believe God will deliver me also to help others also as you doin .. God bless bro .!!

  5. Jenny says:

    in casting out demands how do u get them not to go inside another person without coming back and without speaking in toungs one time I was fighting back with the blood of christ i put on the door and prayed of course and the person come out and it was horried and the yard guy nest door said thats where the problem was coming from i said u think so any way Jesus sent demons into pigs. I just don’t want to go to kids wise man once said what good thing causes bad don’t do Please comment may God bless us and have mercy on us all.

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