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Playlist: Army Of Jesus Training Series

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Playlist Content:

  • He who has died is set free from sin
  • Stop seeking vain glory! What will your Future be?
  • Basics of meeting God Jesus on earth personally
  • God is seeking Certain people...
  • Fight your own battles!
  • Fulfill Your God given destiny
  • You Live Once, not twice!
  • Secret Weapon in Full Armor of God Speaking in tongues
  • Are we created in God's own Image? then who are we?
  • Double minded man Can't Go FORWARD!
  • Are you a disciple of Christ or a just a Show?
  • How to Make your prayers dreams Answered by God
  • Refuse to live a Spoiled Life!
  • How can You get closer to God? The Creator of the Universe!?
  • Speaking in Tongues - Biblical Proof -Devil wants to hide it!
  • Evangelise Spread the Word of God: Army of Jesus Christ
  • Army of Jesus 2 The call for evangelism
  • Army of Jesus Recruit.
  • 10 Amazing Christian Testimonies (1)
  • by DivineRevelations Spiritlessons
  • Gospel of Good News must be spread by you!
  • What Does God accept from you?
  • You Have to Fast
  • Kingdom of God 7 how to get your prayers answered
  • Kingdom of God 5
  • Kingdom of God 3
  • A Call to Anguish - David Wilkerson
  • by Ellerslie Mission Society Films
  • Christians! Are you worried? Don't worry!
  • How to fast Properly -Christians


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This series is to train Christians from "Sunday Christian" into real Army of Christ!