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Playlist: Spiritual Guidance

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Playlist Content:

  • How to Identify False Prophets
  • Don't ride on Other's Cross!
  • God will put you in the Cave not in your comfort zone 12/28/14 service
  • Entering God's Rest. Resting in Presence of Holy Spirit in Jesus
  • Basics of meeting God Jesus on earth personally
  • How to Hear Small quiet voice from the Holy Spirit...
  • The Hour when God visits You on Earth!
  • Which Bible Version should I read? KJV NIV MSG NLT TLV ESV?
  • Tribulation is from God. How to overcome hardships, (motivational)
  • Water Baptism Sprinkle or Dunking? does it matter
  • Baptism of Holy Spirit & How to get Baptized by Holy Spirit
  • 7 Signs you are Born Again Christian
  • Don't Provoke Angels !
  • Your Responsibility as A Christian Believer!
  • Should i hang out with bad family, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend?
  • Please Pray Before you Praise and Worship!
  • Why are Bad words Bad?
  • How to be ONE with GOD?
  • Fulfill Your God given destiny
  • Where is God? How can man meet God today?
  • If you are a Christian you MUST do this.
  • Jesus Expects you to do MORE than other unbelievers
  • You are god (not God but gods Know your identity in Christ)
  • Christians living like devil are going to hell.
  • How can you experience God in Real Life?
  • Fasting: Secret to the Holy Spirit baptism
  • Do you please people over God? ten commandments explained
  • Will Lazy people enter Heaven? or hell?
  • Sword of the Spirit
  • How to hear God's voice, does God speak?
  • Angels of God
  • What Does God accept from you?
  • Anorexia, anorexic disorder How to cure it
  • My testimony of experiencing Jesus Christ (part 2)
  • IMPORTANT keys to the Kingdom of God
  • what Causes Nightmares bad dreams Panic attacks? Answer:
  • Seek Jesus for who Jesus is not because of need.
  • Why isn't God answering My Prayers?(part 2)
  • Only STRONG and Courageous can GLorify Jesus!
  • Depressed Feeling lonely & suicidal Tendencies


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This series provides some spiritual principles for living in a powerful Christian life.