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Playlist: OSAS: "Once Saved Always Saved" Is WRONG!

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Playlist Content:

  • You're Not Saved Yet!
  • False Grace that takes you to hell. Are you wheat or chaff?
  • What must I do to be Saved Continually?
  • You're NOT going to Heaven if you don't get right. Message from God.
  • I Barely made it to Heaven! Jesus called me a dog, heaven dream
  • How can a sinful man Enter Heaven?
  • Pastor could not enter Heaven?
  • Hypocrite Christians can't enter the Narrow Path that leads to Heaven
  • Churches Don't like to teach this. members will be reduced.
  • Why does Bad things happen to Good people?
  • OSAS False gospel. Theif on the cross had repentant heart.
  • Can a Christian go to hell?
  • Will Jesus say "I never knew you" to You?
  • Prepare Coming of Jesus Christ! No Wedding Garment? = hell
  • Reason why God doesn't Use You.
  • While 1000 men go to hell, only 1 goes to Heaven!! true Testimony?
  • Unless you're Born again You will not enter Heaven?
  • Christians living like devil are going to hell.
  • Do Not Reason
  • Are we still worthy to be saved?
  • Riches wealth, Jesus says Don't be deceived. Are you?
  • Paris Hilton Warning Dream! she got shot in my dream
  • Parable of fig tree Why did Jesus curse fig tree?
  • Living your own way = sin
  • Earthquake Philippines / Taiwan Prophecy
  • Unforgiveness = going to hell
  • Once saved always Saved ? OSAS is FALSE!
  • Carnal Christians will Go to hell. Backsliders disobedient children
  • Without holiness no one will see God pt. 2/2
  • Without holiness no one will see God pt. 1/2
  • Love Pride Wisdom When to be Bold & Humble
  • Keep yourself Saved! Grace is NOT salvation!
  • Deliverance from Sin how to no longer be sinful
  • Hell is real- my testimony vision from the Holy Spirit
  • How to overcome homosexuality, lust and addiction sins


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Be careful with "once saved forever saved" false doctrine! God's grace is not to be abused. Find out why it is wrong in this series.