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Playlist: How to Pray Right?

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Playlist Content:

  • Tabernacle Prayer 2nd Ver. Pray to Hear God's voice!
  • Prayer to Hear God's Voice (actual tabernacle prayer cession)
  • To Whom does God answer Prayer?
  • Why doesn't God listen? Why no miracles?
  • Breakthrough prayer Demonstration
  • Heaven Breakthrough Prayer !
  • Jesus is the Answer
  • God is not Your Prayer Magic Genie!
  • How can you experience God in Real Life?
  • Can GOD hear Your prayers?
  • What to do when End Times come closer?
  • Prayer that Earns God's Respect
  • Army of Jesus Recruit.
  • Shameless prayer
  • How to hear God's voice, does God speak?
  • More secrets on getting your life in shape
  • Secret of praying for others You get blessed.
  • Power Prayer
  • Kingdom of God 7 how to get your prayers answered
  • Kingdom of God 5
  • Kingdom of God 3
  • Seek Jesus for who Jesus is not because of need.
  • Why isn't God answering My Prayers?(part 2)
  • Why isn't God answering My Prayers?
  • How to Truly Pray Right, yielding to Holy Spirit
  • Secrets of Having prayers Answered! miracle
  • How long Should I Pray? Christians
  • Importance of Speaking in tongues
  • Christians! Are you worried? Don't worry!


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Find out the effective way of praying to God!