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EvangelizeTracks 전도지 福音单张

Download Free Evangelism Tracks and print them and Give them out evangelize! Just Download 'Front page'  and 'Back page' from below choices, then print out front page, and print again on the back the 'Back Page', then you can cut them in half, and fold them in half, and its free track ready to be given out! (If you can translate to other languages let me know
** just don't put them in mail boxes its Illegal!
아래 6번에 한국어 7번 중국어 전도지도 있습니다. 비디오보시고 만드는방법 참고하세요.  
di bawah angka 8 adalah di Indonesia

1."How to Meet God on Earth" Evangelism track Front page   and Back page. PDF file Front page and Back page

2. "Turn away from sins" Evangelism track Front page   and Back page.  PDF file Front page and Back page

3. "God Loves you" Evangelism Track Front page and Back page. PDF file Front page and Back page

4.  For the Jewish people Evangelism Tracks   Front Page and Back Page.  PDF file Front page and Back page

5.  For the Muslim Islam people Evangelism Tracks    Front Page and Back Page.  PDF file Front page and Back page

6. 한국어 전도지 (하나님을 정말로 만나는 방법) PDF 파일  앞장,   뒷장,   마이크로소프트 워드 앞장,     뒷장

7. 中文 福音单张 <如何听到神的声音> PDF & Word 如何听到神的声音 PDF
如何听到神的声音 Word,  (중국어 전도지)

7. 中文 福音单张 <遇见这位神> PDF 如何听到神的声音正面反面   Word file 正面反面  (중국어 전도지)

8. 中文 福音单张《汉字与圣经》请正反打印。 PDF 版本,和 WORD 版本,

9. Indonesia Bacalah alkitab setiap hari PDF halaman Depanhalaman kiri   Word file halaman Depanhalaman kiri  (인도네시아어 전도지)

Here you can either become a real evangelist joined together with others, which we are called to do. (2 Timothy 4:5) or support however your gifts or ability is. For not everyone is gifted in same area. But we are a body of Christ, some are hands, eyes, ears, mouth, legs etc... We don't take any glory to ourselves nor look up to a man, but we give All glory to Jesus Christ. For if we receive praise from men that will be our reward and will not be rewarded for our works in heaven.(Matthew 6:1)

Team up with people around your own neighborhood. You can find partners from your church or other local community organizations. You can meet William if you live in Chicago to evangelize together!

Or Support us:

Financially  -You can also support us however you can financially (to print evangelizing CDs, tracks, provide Bibles, or to feed the homeless and needy etc...) or providing us directly with materials needed for evangelizing.(NKJV or NLT bibles, CD writing machines, printers, Writable CDs, postage, facility)

By Communication - or help us by opening doors to us to evangelize in your work places, or your churches to gather, raise up people to evangelize.

By your Expertise - You can simply know how to use computers, to being Computer Programmers, Website engineers,

- Or You can share videos to your friends through Facebook, or through sending links to your friends through emails, or Download sermon mp3's to friends or families who need to hear the gospel.

By Prayers and Fastings supporting spiritually as Prayer Warriors. - Yes we need your prayers! Please prayer for us to have wisdom to reach the lost souls and to be strong always in Christ.