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Proper way of Praying and Waiting Upon God.

Proper way of presenting your self before God in prayer before waiting upon God

Derived from Bible, Daily Prayer and Moses Tabernacle designs.
*** Don’t do it out of legalism but be flexible.

1. HUMBLE: Acknowledge you’re nothing without God. Ask Holy Spirit to lead you and inspire you even in this prayer. You can kneel down, raise hands up be free. Come to God in humility.
2. CLEAN: Bind any demons cast them out in Jesus name until it feels clean
3. PROTECT: Plead the blood of Jesus Christ to cover your body, soul, spirit and your room/house, ask God to send His angels to protect you.
4. MAGNIFY: Magnifying Lord God (calling who He is. ex. Holy, Almighty God, Lord, Master, King of Kings, Savior, Prince of peace, Alpha and Omega, my deliverer, healer, ...)
5. REPENT: Ask Holy Spirit to remind and show you your sins and deeply repent ask God to remove that kind of evil out of your heart. Also forgive others then plead the blood of Jesus to cleanse you
6. DEDICATE: re-dedicate your life to live for him asking for forgiveness for living after your own ways and desires not His will. Pick up your cross give yourself as a living sacrifice to God to live for Him.
7. Holy Communion: part take body and blood of Jesus or recite Word of God. Acknowledge Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and the Father is in you through the Holy Spirit.
8. THANKSGIVING: give thanks for Jesus and everything He has done.
9. LOVE: Love God with expressions.
10. WORSHIP: worship the Lord sing praises unto God.
11. PRAY: with all prayers and supplication for others then pray in tongues. When you feel it’s enough and feel presence of God Strong then wait.
12. WAIT: waiting upon God with total silence before God relax your mind sit down relaxed, don’t lie down don’t think anything except gazing on God simply waiting for Him. You may wait more than 30 min to 1 or 2 hours.