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Playlist: Get On Fire For God

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Playlist Content:

  • He who has died is set free from sin
  • Don't ride on Other's Cross!
  • 2015 Who & what are You Living For !?!
  • Are You not Hungry? God has a Bigger vision for you!
  • Will you seek God when...
  • 12 yr old wills to Suffer and Die for Christ! How about you?
  • Do you Really Love God more than anything?
  • Where is God? How can man meet God today?
  • Army of Jesus 2 The call for evangelism
  • Army of Jesus Recruit.
  • Did you lose your Passion of Jesus Christ?
  • It's all about Jesus
  • Paris Hilton Warning Dream! she got shot in my dream
  • Worship Music? what is True praising?
  • How to see Jesus - Vision of Jesus
  • Shameless prayer
  • Gospel of Good News must be spread by you!
  • Do you please God or do you ignore to please Jesus?
  • Would Jesus save lazy man?
  • Say No
  • My testimony of experiencing Jesus Christ (part 2)
  • My testimony of experiencing Jesus Christ (part1)
  • Kingdom of God part 2
  • A Call to Anguish - David Wilkerson
  • Only STRONG and Courageous can GLorify Jesus!
  • Get DEEPER with GOD for there is TREASURE!
  • How to be on FIRE for GOD powerful Servant of God!


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Are you tired of being lukewarm Christian? Here are some secrets of getting back on fire for God!