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Holy Spirit and Its Gifts

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Playlist Content:

  • Power of Praying in Tongues that God hid from the wise.
  • Evangelize with Power of Casting out demons
  • Is saying "Tongues are from devil" blasphemy of Holy Spirit?
  • Developing your Prophetic tongue, How you can Prophesy, hear from God
  • How to hear from Holy Spirit?
  • What is Baptism of Fire? is that judgment?
  • Baptism of Holy Spirit & How to get Baptized by Holy Spirit
  • 7 Signs you are Born Again Christian
  • Holy Spirit baptism is NOT given to just anyone
  • Secret Weapon in Full Armor of God Speaking in tongues
  • How to go to Heaven
  • God Still loves you
  • Evangelizing with Miracle Healing Power Secrets
  • Don't do anything without Holy Spirit
  • Sword of the Spirit
  • IHOP International House of Prayer Review
  • If Jesus is real Why?
  • Secret to gain Power of God (part2)
  • Secret to gain Power of God (part1)
  • How to Truly Pray Right, yielding to Holy Spirit Jesus God Praising
  • No Miracles are Given freely! Don't wait for Future but make it.
  • (Pt.2/2)What Real Christians Christ like people do everyday
  • (Pt.1/2)What Real Christians Christ like people do everyday
  • Importance of Speaking in tongues
  • Love Pride Wisdom When to be Bold & Humble
  • How to be on FIRE for GOD powerful Servant of God!
  • Speaking in Tongues of Holy Spirit -Testimony
  • Holy Spirit,- you need to know


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When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you shall receive power. Find out what power and gifts are followed with those who get baptized in Holy Spirit.