Let’s Be faithful until death, and Jesus will give you the crown of life. (Rev 2:10)
Doing His will, getting His Gospel out, setting the captives free in the name of Jesus!

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Welcome to Army Of Jesus Ministry

We are currently in Shanghai China, Army of Jesus Ministry is dedicated to serving our Lord Jesus Christ and to what the Father God commands us to do.

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Free From Sins, Lust, Depression...

In bondage of sins, lust, depression, suicidal thoughts, worries or any other demonic oppression? Find out the secrets to the Real Freedom in Christ.


Speaking In Tongues

There are so much dispute over the gift of tongues but still it is one of the most powerful weapon God has given to His people. Find out how to receive and utilize this powerful gift!


Spiritual Guidance

This series provides some spiritual principles for living in a powerful Christian life.


End Time Warning & Signs

Jesus is coming back soon! See the end time signs and HEED the end time warnings!


Proof Of God's Existence

Does God really exist? How can we prove? Find out the evidence of His existence in this series.


How to Pray Right?

Find out the effective way of praying to God!


Cast Out Demons $ Devils

Every true believer has the power to cast out demons and devils. You need to know HOW!

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